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One Day Pastry Making Class

ONE DAY COURSE (9.30am - 4.30pm)

Only £155.00 per person inc. VAT

It’s been said that good pastry cooks are born, not bred. Well, we don’t agree with that – we think there’s a good pastry cook in everyone and it’s our job to bring it out!

On your hands-on pastry making course you’ll make the following pastries and dishes from scratch under the guidance of our experienced chef:

  • Puff Pastry
  • Savoury Shortcrust
  • Sweet Shortcrust
  • Hot Water Crust

Not only that, but you’ll get to take home three finished creations:

  • Steak and Onion Pie (using savoury shortcrust)
  • Mini Pork Pie (using hot water crust)
  • Blind-baked Sweet Pastry tart case (using sweet shortcrust)

At the end of the one day pastry course you’ll be able to take home everything you made to show off to family and friends.

Techniques learnt:

  • Making savoury short crust pastry
  • Making sweet shortcrust pastry
  • Making puff pastry
  • Making flaky pastry
  • Making hot water pastry
  • Blind baking a tart case

These are examples of the kind of dishes you could be making:

  • Savoury Short Crust Pastry (Steak and Mushroom Pie)
  • Sweet Short Crust Pastry (blind-baked tart case)
  • Puff Pastry
  • Hot Water Crust Pastry (Mini Pork Pie)
  • 31/01/2019 - Full Day
  • 08/03/2019 - Full Day
  • 04/07/2019 - Full Day
  • 27/09/2019 - Full Day
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