1. You don’t need to use a specialist pasta flour – plain flour will be just fine.

2. Use great, fresh, free range eggs – we use eggs from Laydilay Organic Eggs; Exe Valley Eggs

3. Use good quality Italian olive oil – this is less harsh than Spanish varieties.

4. You can make pasta by hand or in a mixer, however we feel it is more satisfying by hand.

5. Don’t make the dough too wet.

6. Knead your pasta well, 5 minutes by hand and 2 minutes in the food processor.

7. When putting through rollers, make sure you keep everything lightly floured otherwise it will stick and pull.

8. For spaghetti, tagliatelle and lasagne the dough can be slightly thicker, but for ravioli you need to get your pasta thin – enough to see newsprint through.

9. If making ravioli, make sure you expel all the air and seal the edges well and make sure all fillings are well seasoned and flavoursome – if it tastes ok for seasoning on the spoon, it won’t be flavourful enough in the ravioli.

10. Cook your pasta in the largest pan you have and in plenty of boiling water.