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Children's Baking: Doughnuts & Roulade (Ages 12-14)

HALF DAY COURSE (9:30am - 12:00pm / 2:00pm - 4:30pm)

Only £39.00 per person inc. VAT

Is your child Great British Bake Off crazy? If the answer is yes, then this half day Children's Cake baking course is a must.

On this fun, hands-on cookery class for children aged 12-14, we'll teach your child some specialised baking skills as well as the basics guaranteed to wow family and friends! We'll ensure they have success making a classic Swiss roll and some cinnamon sugar doughnuts, perfect for special occasions, school cake sales or just because granny and grandad are coming round for tea.

The epitome of all that is good in the world, cake baking is becoming ever more popular (and competitive) thanks to TV shows such as the Great British Bake Off, and now Junior Bake Offis inspiring a whole new generation of bakers.

How to make the perfect Swiss Roll

Firstly, after going through all the relevant health and safety issues, we'll teach your child or children how to bake a swiss roll.

We're going to go a step further and make our cake chocolatey with a gorgeous Chantilly cream filling. Your child or children will learn how to roll their own cake with our tried and tested method - a skill that will definitely impress family and friends when it appears at the dining table and would make Prue Leith proud.

How to make fluffy cinnamon sugar doughnuts!

Have your kids ever wondered how doughnuts are made so light and fluffy? Well they'll soon find out in the next part! Here they will learn the basics about bread making and will shape and cook the doughnuts to perfection before giving them a dusting in cinnamon sugar.

And the best bit...

We can't really think of a better way to spend the morning or afternoon, and what's better, the children will get to take away with them what they've cooked - just so you can make sure they have done a good job.

Techniques learnt:

  • Whisked cake method
  • Baking
  • Cake rolling
  • Working with ovens
  • Whisking
  • Bread making
  • Shallow frying

These are examples of the kind of dishes you could be making:

  • Chocolate Swiss roll / roulade
  • Cinnamon sugar doughnuts
  • 28/07/2020 - PM
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