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Half Day Chocolate Tempering and Making

HALF DAY COURSE (9:30am - 12:00pm / 2:00pm - 4:30pm)

Only £65.00 per person inc. VAT

NB: Minimum age 14 years

Two and a half hours of pure wicked indulgence!

On your hands-on half day chocolates course, you’ll discover the secrets of making confectioner-quality, caramel-filled chocolates (or Bonbons, as their known in the trade).

We’ll start with an overview of the ingredients and equipment you'll be using and then the chef will demo each element before gently and patiently guiding you through the process.

You will melt cocoa butter with various colours and use this to paint the inner surface of the mould using your own design.

You'll then learn how to temper dark chocolate in order to give it that characteristic ‘snap’ and shine. Using your tempered chocolate we’ll take you through each step needed to make thin 'snappy' chocolate shells.

After filling the shells with caramel you'll 'cap off' with more chocolate and allow them to harden while you relax over coffee or tea.

Finally, you'll invert the moulds and thrill at the sight of your beautiful chocolates tumbling out onto the table.

At the end of the course you’ll get to take home everything you made in a purpose made box with ribbon and a gift label.

Techniques learnt:

  • Understanding of chocolate and cocoa butter
  • Use of professional moulds to make individual bonbons
  • Colouring chocolate and cocoa butter
  • Painting moulds with coloured cocoa butter
  • Tempering chocolate
  • Making filled chocolates (bonbons)
  • Using professional moulds
  • Storing chocolates
  • Presentation ideas

You will make:

  • 28 confectioner-quality caramel-filled chocolates
  • 10/04/2020 - PM
  • 13/05/2020 - AM
  • 13/06/2020 - PM
  • 24/07/2020 - AM
  • 22/08/2020 - AM
  • 20/09/2020 - PM
  • 22/10/2020 - PM
  • 06/12/2020 - AM
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