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Half Day Meat Cookery Course

HALF DAY COURSE (9:30am - 12:00pm / 2:00pm - 4:30pm)

Only £65.00 per person inc. VAT

NB: Minimum age 14 years

Under our chef’s patient guidance on your half day meat cookery course you’ll learn how to trim a rack of lamb and cook it to pink perfection.

You'll also cook a beautiful free-range chicken breast so it's juicy and full of flavour.

At the end of the morning or afternoon you will have learned to cook meat to perfection and be able to replicate at home all you've learned.

Techniques learnt:

  • Trim, season, sear and then roast a rack of lamb
  • Pan-fry chicken breast
  • Basting with garlic, herbs and butter
  • Searing meat for flavour
  • Resting cooked meat
  • Tasting
  • Seasoning
  • Learn how to tell when meat is perfectly cooked
  • Use of digital temperature probes as a means of assessing 'doneness'
  • Tips on cooking for numbers
  • Presentation

You will make:

  • Roast Rack of Lamb
  • Pan-Fried Breast of Chicken
  • 04/07/2020 - AM
  • 07/08/2020 - AM
  • 27/09/2020 - AM
  • 03/11/2020 - PM
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