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Rice & Gnocchi Masterclass with Valentina Harris

Valentina Harris, TV chef, pictured here with her speciality dish of Risotto
Learn how Malfatti & Gnocchi
Learn how to make Gnocchi and Risotto with Valentina Harris at Exeter Cookery School
Risotto, Gnocchi & More with Valentina Harris

Join us for a celebration of authentic Italian cooking with acclaimed food writer and TV chef Valentina Harris. On this flavour-packed one day cookery course, you will discover how to make a range of authentic, regional Italian rice and gnocchi dishes that you can recreate easily in your own kitchen.

As well as sharing with you her love of classic Italian food, Valentina will equip you with the confidence and the skills to create a selection of silky risottos and delicious gnocchi guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

Using the best local produce, you’ll learn about the flavours and artisan techniques needed to recreate an authentic taste of Italy in your own kitchen.

No previous experience is necessary; just enthusiasm and a willingness to work alongside other food lovers to make a real Italian feast.

ONE DAY COURSE (9.30am - 4.30pm): See below for dates and online booking.

Cost: Only £155.00 per person

Techniques learnt:

  • Making stock
  • Different varieties of rice
  • Making Suppli and Arancini – including hot to coat in breadcrumbs and deep frying
  • Making tomato sauce
  • Technique of making Risotto
  • Making a sweet risotto rice cake

You will make some of the following dishes:

  • Suppli Al Telefono (Suppli with a melted mozzarella heart)
  • Arancini Al Prosciutto E Mozzarella (Sicilian rice fritters with Parma ham and mozzarella)
  • Risotto Con Le Cipolline E La Lattuga (Risotto with lettuce and spring onion)
  • Risotto Con I Totani E Le Cozze Al Pomodoro (Risotto with squid, mussels and tomato)
  • Risotto Con I Funghi (Mushroom risotto)
  • Risotto Di Gamberetti (Prawn risotto)
  • Malfatti (Spinach and bread gnocchi)
  • Gnocchi Di Patate Al Sugo (Potato gnocchi with a tomato sauce)
  • Torta Di Riso (Tuscan rice cake)