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Chocolate Masterclass with Chocolatier Mark Tilling (One Day)

Chocolate Making with chocolate master Mark Tilling
Mark Tilling Chocolate workshop at Exeter Cookery School
Learn how to make professional quality chocolates at Exeter Cookery School
chocolate making masterclass
with mark tilling

ONE DAY COURSE (9.30am - 4.30pm)

Only £145.00 per person

Join multi award-winning Chocolatier Mark Tilling for a day of hands-on chocolate work.

During a full-on day at Exeter Cookery School, BBC Bake-off Professionals winner & Channel 4's Extreme Chocolate Makers Mark will show you how to choose the right chocolate for the job in hand and teach you how to temper it in order to provide that all-important ‘snap’ and shine (don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think!).

Along the way you’ll use coloured cocoa butter to decorate moulded chocolates and chocolate bars, as well as make various fillings for piping into the tempered chocolate shells.

You’ll make moulded chocolates filled with a passion fruit caramel and a mango and lime ganache, chocolate-dipped truffle lollies, and chocolate bars.

All the ingredients and equipment are provided. You’ll be working with top quality Belgian Callebaut chocolate and cocoa butter as well as using professional chocolate moulds for perfect results. And you’ll get to take everything you make home with you.

We’ll provide you with a list of any ingredients and equipment you may want to purchase for use at home, and these can be easily sourced from local suppliers or online.

Techniques Learned:

  • Temper chocolate with Mycryo cocoa butter
  • Tempering using a Bain Marie
  • Use of a hair drier for maintaining melted chocolate at the right temperature
  • Using infra-red temperature guns for accurate temperature control
  • How to colour chocolate
  • Moulding bars
  • Flavouring chocolate and using inclusions
  • Using cocoa butter colours
  • Decorate moulds by flicking, brushing and using stencils
  • How to finish moulded chocolates by capping off.
  • Making various flavoured ganache fillings
  • Using caramel fillings
  • Dipping truffle lollies

You will make:

  • 24 individual moulded chocolates filled with a passion fruit caramel and a mango and lime ganache.
  • 24 dipped truffle lollies
  • 3 x 100g chocolate bars

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