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Pasta, Pasta, Pasta with Valentina Harris

TV chef and cookery book author Valentina Harris making pasta
Pasta Masterclass with Valentina Harris

For Italians, the art of making fresh pasta is also a way of life and on this one day course at Exeter Cookery School, Valentina Harris, TV chef and author of several cookery books on authentic Italian cooking, will give you a masterclass on the subject.

You will learn all about the different types of dough and myriad shapes to a vast array of seasonal pasta sauces – from coast to mountains and all points in-between.

You’ll be making signature pasta recipes from all over Italy, all of which can be found in Valentina’s many cook books on regional Italian cookery.

Be prepared for a fast-paced hands-on cookery experience, culminating in a meal of the dishes you’ve created.

ONE DAY COURSE (9.30am - 4.30pm): See below for dates and online booking.

Cost: Only £155.00 per person

What students will learn:

  • History and science and stories of pasta;
  • How to make fresh pasta;
  • How to make different styles of sauces for pasta – including fundamental tomato sauces;
  • How to shape and cut filled pasta;
  • How to make a béchamel sauce;
  • The differences between fresh pasta and dried durum wheat pasta.

You will make:

  • Fresh Pasta
  • La Sfoglia
  • Tagliatelle al ragu alla bolognese (tagliatelle with classic ragu alla bolognese sauce)
  • Maltagliati alla Napoletana (Maltagliati in the Neapolitan style)
  • La puttanesca
  • Lasagna di verdure primavera (spring vegetable lasagna)
  • Ravioli pesaresi (ravioli in the pasaro style)
  • Torta di paparele alla veronese (Veronese pasta chocolate cake (please note, we will use all the scraps of leftover pasta – from making the other pasta shapes, to make the cake).