A Sicilian Feast with Valentina Harris

Valentina Harris, Italian cookery expert, will be teaching students how to create authentic Sicilian dishes at Exeter Cookery School
Sfincuni, or Sicilian onion and tomato pizza
Timballo di Riso e Melanzane alla palermitana
Pistachio Gelato
a sicilian feast with valentina harris

ONE DAY COURSE (9.30am - 4.30pm)

Only £145.00 per person

Hosted by popular TV chef, cookery book author and Italian cookery afficionado, Valentina Harris, this delicious one day hands-on Italian Cookery Course will immerse you in the cornucopia of flavours found in classic Sicilian cooking.

Join us to discover the secrets of creating authentic Sicilian specialities without even having to set foot on an aeroplane. As well as reflecting its varied culinary influences, from Arabia, Africa, Spain and, of course, Italy, the island itself benefits from being incredibly fertile. Produce grown on Sicily includes olives, oranges, aubergines, tomatoes, pistachios, almonds, grapes, and more not – to mention all of the seafood fished right off the coast. The result? A cuisine that’s fresh, varied, and absolutely delicious!

On this culinary exploration of Sicilian cuisine you will be learning how to create a Sicilian feast, including Sfincuni (a Sicilian onion and tomato pizza), Polpettine di Melanzane (aubergine patties), and Caponata (aubergine and olive salad), Linguine al Pesto Trapanese (linguine with pesto Trapanese), Timballo di Riso e Melanzane Alla Palermitana (rice and aubergine timbale), Falsomagro al Sugo (Sicilian stuffed meat roll) and Insalata di Patate (Sicilian potato salad). This will be followed by Gelato al Pistacchio (Pistachio Gelato) and Granita di Limone (lemon granita).

Valentina will also regale you with stories of growing up and running her cookery school in Italy and why she loves Sicilian cooking.

There will be a break for coffee mid-morning and the group will sit down to eat the feast once it is ready.

Techniques learnt:

  • Preparation of aubergines – Sicily’s most important ingredient
  • Making a proper tomato sauce the Sicilian way
  • Braising meat
  • Sicilian cooking traditions and history
  • Bread dough for the Sfinciuni
  • Making Gelato and Granita
  • Making pesto – using a pestle and mortar
  • How to make a timbale
  • Deep frying
  • Steaming

You will make some of the following dishes:

  • Sfincuni (Sicilian Onion and Tomato Pizza)
  • Polpettine di Melanzane (Aubergine Patties|)
  • Caponata (Aubergine and Olive Salad)
  • Linguine al Pesto Trapanese (Linguine with Pesto Trapanese)
  • Timballo di Riso E Melanzane Alla Palermitana (Rice and Aubergine Timbale)
  • Falsomagro Al Sugo (Sicilian Stuffed Meat Roll)
  • Insalata di Patate (Sicilian Potato Salad)
  • Gelato al Pistacchio (Pistachio Gelato)
  • Granita di Limone (Lemon Granita)