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Clifton at Home Vacuum Sealer

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Product Description:

This high quality vacuum sealer is a quick and easy way of sealing food items air tight, before cooking sous vide. It is an integral part to the sous vide process. The tabletop sealer enables faster meal time preparation. Storing food in vacuum sealed bags can extend shelf life.

The compact unit is simple to operate and easy to clean. Simply pop your food item into the bag, close the push down lid and vacuum seal at the touch of a button. There’s an option for hard or light seal, for dry or moist foods, depending on preference. Vacuum sealing your food items, locks in flavour and nutrients and the sous vide process prevents food from shrinking during cooking, retaining colour, texture and flavour.

The sealer is not designed to vacuum liquids as they will damage the pump. Warranty is invalid if liquid is found in the pump. A quick seal button can be used to seal the bag with marinades, without creating a vacuum.


  • 200mm x 6 metre embossed sealer roll
  • 280mm x 6 metre embossed sealer roll
  • Storage space for embossed sealer roll
  • Internal integral cutting tool

Qty in each pack: 1

Price: £108.00

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